roberto giulio rida

“The fundamental elements of Roberto Giulio Rida’s works are all visible and tangible: construction quality and attention to detail, meticulous proportions and the use of period materials handcrafted in Italy.

  • Crystal
  • Murano’s glass
  • Wood
  • Metal

These are the materials on which Italian Design was built in the first half of the 20th century,

These are the materials that Roberto Giulio Rida loves, knows and uses to express his imagination by creating unique handcrafted objects such as: furniture, lamps, mirrors, boxes.

His work is concrete not conceptual.

He does not rely on reproducibility in series and does not seek innovation at all costs.

Rida’s work brings the lessons of the great masters of the past into our present in a personal and undemocratic way .. it creates furnishing protagonists, not supporting characters. “

Morgan Simone Rida